What if I don’t know what to order?

If you are unsure of what print, size or material fits your space best, we offer free custom consults and installation mock up services. Contact us today, and together we will make your walls, friends, family and pets much happier.

I can’t decide between paper and metal – can you help me choose?

Absolutely. Bottom line, we want you to be happy. We know there are substantial differences between the products and we are happy to connect with you one-on-one to weigh the options. 

What is the difference between an “open” and “limited” edition?

The difference depends on the size of the print’s run. An “open” edition has no limit on it’s run where a “limited” edition has a specific number of prints that will be created and sold – meaning once they’re gone, they are gone. Unless a print is featured in our “Open Editions” collection or otherwise noted as such, all products are available in limited edition quantities by size with pricing scaled by edition. Don't let your favorites get away.

How many prints are in the limited editions?

For all prints, the quantity is limited to 50 per size. 

    I see your digital signature/watermark on every website image…will that be printed on my print?

    No. The fact is, people like to steal things on the internet and that sucks. But it’s okay, the watermark is only for digital property management, and your print will be printed crystal clean – yes, you can *fist pump* now.

    Will my print come signed? 

    All limited edition paper prints come personally hand numbered and signed by the artist. This is a very good thing because it increases the value of the piece, and you can rest assured that it came from our own hands and not a pirate. Open editions may or may not be signed by the artist.

    All metal prints include a laser engraved signature and hand signed certificate of authentication with numbered edition details. 

    Where will my paper print be signed and numbered?

    Your print will come named and numbered in the lower left corner with the signature in the lower right hand corner of the reveal margin.

    What is the reveal margin?

    The reveal margin is the safe area/border around the image’s print edge. This is typically ½” to an 1” in size around the full image, allowing you to custom frame the piece with or without the reveal showing.

    So…what exactly is metal sublimation?

    Metal sublimation is a new, cutting edge way to reproduce an image with the finished product being a high-end work of art. Sublimation itself is the process of going from a solid to a gas, back to a solid - skipping the liquid state. The image is first printed onto a transfer paper and then is adhered to pretreated aluminum. The aluminum and transfer paper are placed into a custom press, which is heated to temperatures exceeding 380 degrees Fahrenheit. While being subjected to extreme heat and pressure, the dyes from the transfer paper turn into a gas, are pressed into the surface of the metal, and then solidify into the treated aluminum. As the dyes cool they are permanently infused beneath the surface of the metal substrate leaving you with a true work of art and substantial benefits. 

    Why is metal more expensive?

    We get it – the price points are very different, and we do not shy away from this. It is for good reason - not only in material and process costs (explained above), but the finished piece of art and extremely limited availability. Don’t get us wrong, we love our fine art paper prints too, but the metal pieces are a special rarity that up the ante. Because we love no hassle art, these metal prints also come ready to hang right out of their custom crate (and many more additional benefits). 

    I want to buy a paper print, but I really don’t want that framing headache…what do I do?

    Good news – we've got you covered there too! We have partnered with industry professionals to bring you a one-click custom framing service for all of our prints. We offer black and white gallery frames with white mats (mat size depends on print size) to optimally present your piece.

    What kind of mat are you using and what color will it be?

    Our mats are all acid-free, and they have a white-core & 4-ply, a.k.a. completely archival and thick. Upon receiving your print, our frame designers will choose the shade of white to best enhance your piece, and then custom bevel-cut each corner with precision. We only offer shades of white ranging from bright white to the creamiest cream. Because choosing these non-colors is super hard online, we provide this service for you.

    Seriously, you only sell white mats? What if I want a blue mat?

    You might not want to do that. Trust us, we’ve made the colored mat mistake before. Colored mats not only limit where you will be able to display your piece but they can also be distracting, while a white or cream mat isolates the image from the frame, creating a space for you to experience the image alone. We didn't come up with this concept, it has become the standard in the art world.

    What kind of frames are you using?

    Our frames are the highest quality, produced by manufacturers here in the U.S.A. If you know frames, then you’ll recognize Larson Juhl and Studio, as they are the industry leaders. We would not settle for anything less and neither should you. Both companies also pride themselves on responsibly sourced materials. 

    What type of glass do you use? 

    We use UV-filtering plexiglass for all frames. Why? Because that is the best option and has become the industry standard. Chances are you will be moving and plexiglass is lighter, scratch-resistant & shatter-resistant. It also provides more UV protection and less-glare than glass. While a bit more expensive than glass, the quality and protection plexiglass offers is so good, most art sellers and galleries are using it and so should you.

    I just completed my order. What happens next?

    First of all, give yourself a big pat on the back. Then, sit back and relax while we work hard to carefully deliver your fine art to your door. Please allow 5-7 business days for processing, printing and packaging. I know, we aren’t the Amazon drones - these prints are made to order and we hand inspect the entire print process with most pieces require overnight dry processes. Each piece is then packed in custom packaging or crates and shipped directly to your door. If there are ever any questions, issues or delays, we will contact you right away.

    If you are adding a frame to your order, please allow an additional 2-3 weeks for your delivery. This is premium, custom work and we want it to be perfect for you.

    How will they be shipped to me? 

    We ship all orders FedEx Ground so please ensure your mailing address is accurate for FedEx Ground delivery. If you ordered a metal print, a very large custom wooden crate will arrive at your door. If you ordered a framed print, a large protective box shipment will arrive. If you ordered a paper print, a slimmer box will arrive with a custom insulated tube packaging inside. 

    Can I get expedited shipping?

    We do try to get our orders out to you as fast as humanly possible, but we do accept rush orders and rush shipping at an additional cost. Please email us at info@austinchowphotography.com or call us at 970-390-7080 to see if we can help you with your urgent needs.

    Where do you ship?

    Currently, we ship everywhere in the United States. For international inquiries, please email us at info@austinchowphotography.com or call us at 970-390-7080 to see if we can accommodate your needs.

    What is your return policy? 

    Every piece is custom and is made specifically for you. As a result, all orders are final as soon as they are placed.

    We can only accept exchanges if your piece was made incorrectly or damaged upon arrival. If your order arrives in such a condition, please contact us and let us know immediately. After 7 days we assume you are happy with your beautiful piece of art and can no longer provide exchanges.

    What if I’ve read this entire page and you still haven’t answered my question? 

    Please email us at info@austinchowphotography.com or call us at 970-390-7080, and we will be happy to hear them.