Custom Framing

Rave // Black Gallery Frame, White Mat

For decades, custom framing has been difficult and expensive. That is why we've partnered with the professionals at Simply Framed to offer high quality custom framing options for all of our original paper prints. Our friends at Simply Framed offer a curated selection of gallery-worthy frames made by hand right here in the USA. The best part? You can complete the entire process of custom framing your Austin Chow original in our shop with the click of a button and have your finished ready-to-hang piece delivered right to your door. 

No more trips to the frame shop. No more insane prices. No more hassles. 


Simply Framed uses the highest quality materials, produced by manufacturers here in the U.S.A. If you know frames, then you’ll recognize Larson Juhl and Studio, as they are the industry leaders. We would not settle for anything less and neither should you.

Gallery Frames
The Gallery Frame, offered in Black and White, is a timeless choice that makes itself at home in any room. Made of wood with a 3/4" face and depth of 1-1/4", the Gallery Frame is our style of choice for pieces up to 30" x 40".

Gallery Deep Frames

The Gallery Deep Frame, offered in Black and White, has the same finish as our Gallery Frame with more depth and size to accommodate larger works. Made of wood with a 1" face and depth of 2-1/4", the Gallery Deep Frame is our style of choice for pieces over 30" x 40" in size.

Matting & Glass

Spotlight // White Gallery Frame

What kind of mat are you using and what color will it be?

Our mats are all acid-free, and they have a white-core & 4-ply, a.k.a. completely archival and thick. Upon receiving your print, our frame designers will choose the shade of white to best enhance your piece, and then custom bevel-cut each corner with precision. We only offer shades of white ranging from bright white to the creamiest cream. Because choosing these non-colors is super hard online, we provide this service for you.

Seriously, you only sell white mats? What if I want a blue mat?

You might not want to do that. Trust us, we’ve made the colored mat mistake before. Colored mats not only limit where you will be able to display your piece but they can also be distracting, while a white or cream mat isolates the image from the frame, creating a space for you to experience the image alone. We can't take credit for coming up with this concept, it has become the standard in the art world.

What type of glass do you use? 

We use UV-filtering plexiglass for all frames. Why? Because that is the best option and has become the industry standard. Chances are you will be moving and plexiglass is lighter, scratch-resistant & shatter-resistant. It also provides more UV protection and less-glare than glass. While a bit more expensive than glass, the quality and protection plexiglass offers is so good, most art sellers and galleries are using it and so should you.


All of our frames are custom designed and built specifically for Austin Chow originals. There are several important considerations in the design process - including the size of the print, reveal, mat and frame - to make the piece of art stand out and let your wall bask in glory. When determining what size is best for you, please use the provided guides below to help you make an informed decision and do not hesitate to contact us with any design or install questions.

2:3 Frame Size Comparison

Square Frame Size Comparisons

Simply Framed

We are proud partners of Simply Framed and stand behind their products for any framing need you have, especially Austin Chow originals. With a combined 100+ years of experience in the custom framing business our frame shop knows how to frame so you can rest assured that the best industry professionals are working on your project. 

Proud Partner of Simply Framed

For more information on framing and what to expect, please visit our FAQ.